Fury of a scorned woman

He don’t know…
That I dug my key into the side Of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive,
Carved my name into his leather seats,
I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights,
Slashed a hole in all four tires…
Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.

Carrie Underwood

William Congreve wrote ‘”Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorned.” His words came to life a couple of weeks ago, when the whole country bore witness as a scorned woman let out her emotions on her husband’s top of the range car. Her husband had taken another lover and abandoned her and her six children (I will not even touch that). What caught my eye in that video was that no one attempted to stop her, she did everything she could think of to the car only short of torching it. The onlookers just stood by and watched her damage the car, she even had time to get nails and try to pierce holes in the tyres. Personally, I felt pity for her, I could not understand her pain but I knew it was justifiable. This is a man who promised her the world; he wooed her and convinced her to not only marry him but give him SIX children.

We watched as the lady let out her anger, disappointment, pain, and heartache on her husband’s car. I believe she felt that this was the only way she could get his attention, and she sure did. Men and their toys!! She proceeded to narrate how the love of her life had moved her and her six children to a smaller house infested with snakes and worms and a poor sewerage system. She narrated with anger how she had been supporting her husband until he became successful and how he convinced her to quit her job.

I would like to understand what goes on in the mind of a man when he leaves his wife of 14 years and SIX children for another woman. How do you live with such a decision? Do you expect your kids to still love and respect you? Do you expect forgiveness once you’re done with your philandering ways? Is it a case of temporary insanity? I just don’t get it!!

To make matters worse this man did not only cheat but was also violent towards her. How is it that love could turn so sour that people begin to mistreat and intentionally hurt each other? Why not just walk away? I would prefer being dumped because as much as it would break my heart it cannot possibly be worse than the kind of betrayal where you are forced to endure physical/mental/emotional torture from a person who once professed his undying love for you. I know I will recover from a broken heart but it will take more than time to heal the wounds inflicted on my ego, self-esteem and my mentality.

Another thing, what is it with men asking their wives to quit their jobs. I would think us both having jobs makes more sense as we can both contribute to the family kitty.  I don’t see how anyone, let alone my husband, would make me quit my job/career. It will take God’s intervention for me to agree to be a stay at home mom, nothing against stay-at-home moms. I cannot imagine having to ‘borrow’ pocket money from my husband or even money to buy basic things like salt or a matchbox. Doesn’t it also get to a point where the man is bored and tired of having to give you money for every little thing? Will he still respect me? I don’t want to ever find out.

Women are emotional beings and when we love we do it with all that we’ve got and so when that love turns to hate best believe we will do it with every thread of our being. The same passion that I once loved you with will be equal in measure to the one I hate you with. Men need to understand this so that when they push us to our limits they don’t act shocked when we start doing ‘crazy’ things. All I’m saying is…

“Careful what you do to a good woman because you will have to deal with the bitch you created.”                                                                                                                  -anonymous



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