Taking Stock One

Sijui Kaa nitaona kesho, kaa ningali na uwezo wa kuifanya ntaifanya hadi mwisho.Mwambieni huyo devil simwogopi shetani sir God yuko nami hadi kifo. Kaa ntaona kesho nipe nguvu na uwezo wa kijana na akili za mzee, daima niwe imara wasiniangushe.


I feel like it’s been centuries since I last posted something. I have been busy with assignments, projects and most importantly working on my thesis. Well the last one has been more of procrastinating but with faith I will complete it before Trump finishes his first and only term as president. That was a shocker though, most of us didn’t see it coming.

Anyhow, I was going through a few blogs and stumbled upon ‘taking stock’ posts and I thought why not. So here goes…

Making: lists, I have realized that this is the only way to keep myself from going insane. So much to do, so little time… They come in handy, sticky notes are God sent.

Cooking: Can’t remember the last time I made a meal, those pizza squares from Baker’s inn are lifesavers. Just piling on the fat.

Drinking: a lot of hot water, I have a persistent cold and the cough is just frustrating. Conversations are becoming too tiresome. The weather is also not helping; my allergies are acting up.

Wanting: time-out, school is becoming overwhelming.

Reading: research papers.

Looking: forward to Christmas; favorite holiday although this year I have a feeling I won’t get to enjoy it as much. A lot has changed…

Playing: Scrabble on my tab, kills boredom and makes me look smarter than I am.

Wasting: time watching YouTube clips when I should be finishing up my assignments.

Sewing: Who are we kidding, the only time I come into contact with needles is when I’m ‘threading’ them for my mother, whose eyesight is worse than a bat’s. You should see how she holds her phone when reading texts, too hilarious!

Smelling: pastries.

Loving: my evolution; growing up is so hard but sometimes we just have to.

Needing: warmth

Wearing: layers, this cold is not playing.

Knowing: everything, well not everything but most things, gets better with time or rather we learn how to cope.

Feeling: all sorts of emotions, I’m an emotional wreck.

Listening: to Nyashinski’s ‘Mungu Pekee’, my current jam. So much life in one song.

Watching: so many things at once. It’s a wonder how I keep up with all of them.



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